Each family has different needs and so each family law matter will require different steps to reach resolution. At our initial consultation, we will determine your needs and advise you of the steps required to resolve your matter.

Initial Consultation

We will meet with you to listen to your concerns and advise you of your legal rights and obligations. We will advise you of your options and the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

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Document an Agreement

If you’ve already come to an agreement with your ex-partner about your property settlement and/or parenting arrangements, it’s now time to make sure the agreement is legally-binding and enforceable.

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Reviewing Drafted Documents

If your partner or ex-partner had some documents drafted (e.g. a Financial Agreement), we can review and advise you on the implications of those documents on your rights, including any potential pitfalls.

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If you’d prefer not to negotiate with your ex-partner directly about your asset division and/or parenting arrangements, we are able to assist you with the negotiation process. If mediation is required, we’re able to represent you in any mediation with your ex-partner or their lawyer.

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Sometimes court intervention is required, whether you’re unable to reach an agreement or matter is urgent (e.g. your ex-partner is offloading assets or has withheld the children) You may be in court already and would like someone to take over your case.

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Asset Protection

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