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Negotiation / Mediation

There are different reasons why you may wish to engage us to negotiate on your behalf. You may want someone to make sure that your interests are looked after and that you don’t enter into a bad deal. You may feel overwhelmed with dealing with someone who is not responding to the reality of separation or who is unreasonable in their demands. Perhaps, you simply prefer not to deal directly with your ex-partner. Whatever the reasons, we’ll ensure that your interests are protected.

You let us know your desired outcome and we will design a strategy to achieve that outcome and we will shoulder the burden of negotiating with your ex-spouse. You will have the opportunity of checking each proposal before it is sent to your ex-spouse.

If you would like us to prepare you for mediation, we can help you come up with a strategy and a proposal. For some types of mediation, we can attend with you to be your advocate.

You’re not alone in this process. Let us be your support and your voice.

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